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Increasing value creatively

through investment and management.

modern apartment buildings

Real Estate

Our approach to real estate investment is a true reflection of our group’s mix of people and resources. We have a credible, trustworthy, and fun team with a strong moral compass seeking partners who share the same values. Real estate opportunities come in all shapes and forms, but we have a progressive approach that combines the experience of our group, our partners, and our extended network. Such an approach allows us to look for vibrant real estate opportunities that provide creative context in their surroundings.

We have an ability to understand the gaps in the markets and create partnership solutions to fulfill those needs. Our private investment pools connect capital and deal flow seamlessly. Our pool of investors is market-driven and range from business professionals, high net worth and ultra high net worth private investors, family offices, privately-held corporations and financial institutions. We look for opportunities where we can actively participate to add and improve the lifetime value of an asset. We are experts at utilizing our resources to create customized, non-traditional solutions to properties that might appear lofty to other groups.

Our parameters for investment in real estate are wide and storied. Ideally, we are looking to provide services for:

  • Urban redevelopment property

  • Income-producing residential and commercial properties – in any state

  • Mortgage-secured lending

  • Mortgage brokerage & syndication

If you are an accredited investor, and are interested in learning more about our co-investment opportunities in private assets, please feel free to contact us.

Real Estate

At its core, we feel it is essential to approach real estate as a relationship-based opportunity. We try to veer away from the transactional nature and work with people to build relational equity. We work to build relationships and our group values the trust placed by our clients and investment partners. This allows us to pull from our network to provide both debt and equity financing for almost all classes of Canadian real estate in urban centers.

Our approach is an extension of our strong network of resources. We have a dedicated team who pursues access to higher quality deals with a lower risk profile. We actively work with and covet relationships with builders and developers with a consistent and proven track record. We provide primary and syndicated lending abilities that combine our professional partners, existing brokers, and investors with access to capital. We have strong underwriting capabilities due to our extensive network of professional partners and actively look for unique opportunities in real estate. We attempt to fill the gaps, wherever needed in industrial, commercial, and investment advisory.

In addition, through affiliated realty capital and mortgage brokerage companies, we can facilitate third-party, principal, and, syndicated capital lending to a wide range of real estate assets and projects outside of our own structure.

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