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We have a passion for it. We understand its complexity, but can demystify it for our clients.

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We are specialists in life insurance and work with business families, entrepreneurs, professionals and their trusted tax and legal advisors to design strategies to minimize and fund estate tax liabilities.  Our philosophy around comprehensive estate planning is that it should reflect a client's core values and integrate both the corporate succession plan as well as their family estate plan.

We have a proven track record and trusted relationships with Canada's largest life insurance carriers and their tax and underwriting teams, so we can provide the optimal insurance solutions for our clients.


While insurance is often a critical component of individual and corporate planning, life insurance and living benefits solutions can be complex. With deep technical product knowledge and expertise in tax planning, our team is comprised of individuals who can demystify insurance based strategies so that our clients and their advisors can understand and make an optimal decision.

We take the time to educate and train other professionals in the technical aspects of insurance and are happy to work with other advisors to implement unique insurance strategies tailored to individual client situations.


Half of all businesses in Canada do not have a formal succession plan. Working with our clients’ advisors , we help design shareholder structures and partnership buy-out agreements, and advise on key-person contingency planning to build a solid asset protection strategy. When appropriate, we employ corporately-owned insurance strategies to fulfill the financial obligations set out in these agreements.


We are focused on helping our clients achieve their goals and objectives in a holistic way and have developed a network of aligned professionals in complementary fields. We can provide introductions to address the following needs that our clients might have, including:

  • Accounting and legal services

  • Actuarial expertise

  • Private banking services


Our Insurance Philosophy


We keep promises

Keeping promises is at the heart of insurance planning, and insurance promises to protect who and what matters most.

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People first

We are happy to take the time to educate our clients and their advisors. No pressure. No nonsense.


Independent advice

We are a private, advisor-owned business with trusted relationships with Canada's largest life insurance carriers. We find a tailored solution for each and every client.

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