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Farid Rohani

Strategic Advisor

Farid Rohani brings an extensive background as a successful entrepreneur, senior executive and community leader to his role at Promerita. In addition to his extensive business interests and activities, Farid has volunteered for and led many significant organizations as an engaged and contributing citizen since he came to Canada from Iran.

Farid has held a number of prominent leadership roles both locally and internationally. He served for many years as the Chair of the Laurier Institute and has been appointed a life member of the organization for his involvement and significant contribution to the institute from its original inception in 1989. He was also appointed to the board of the Nowruz Commission, an international organization based in Washington, D.C. that is represented by leading figures in politics, business and the arts whose mandate is to promote the values of peaceful cooperation, multiculturalism and social renewal for humanity. Finally, Farid makes a significant contribution to the local community by serving on the board of the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation. Farid’s extensive contribution to Canada and his local community has led to him receiving several notable distinctions, including being appointed to serve as Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own) and being a recipient of the Canadian Senate’s 150th Anniversary medal.

Farid’s business and entrepreneurial experience includes roles at a number of highly successful companies in a range of industries, including serving as President of a multidisciplinary community healthcare provider based in Metro Vancouver, founder of a significant international automotive components distribution company and founding the first multi-outlet consumer video chain store group in BC whilst completing his studies in political science and marketing at the University of British Columbia. In addition to his multi-industry operating business experience, Farid has extensive experience and interests in both real estate development and asset management.

Despite his significant business achievements and notable social contributions, Farid considers his warm relationships with his wife, children, family and many friends and associates to be his greatest accomplishments.



Farid Rohani
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