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Michael Prpic

Strategic Advisor

Michael Prpic is a Strategic Advisor at Promerita where he leads private equity transactions.

Michael has 20+ years experience on leading and delivering quality results for investors, and stakeholders in private equity, real estate and technology, including being a partner and co-founder of a significant private equity fund in Europe and serving as CEO of fibre optic broadband company that he led into a significant sale to Deutsche Telecom.

Michael’s areas of competencies include business strategy, market entry, due diligence, integration, acquisition, joint ventures, and corporate development.

With a breadth of experience working across a diversity of cultures within Europe and North America, Michael has held key roles in growth oriented companies as a transformative leader with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia and post graduate management degree from Henley Business School, UK.



Michael Prpic
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