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Vic Jang

Managing Director, Realty Services

Vic has been a leading professional in Canadian real estate since 1985, and brings extensive experience in real estate underwriting, project marketing, cost accounting, and development consulting expertise to his role at Promerita.

Prior to joining Promerita as a leader in our realty services group, Vic was the President and Managing Partner for Canada’s largest real estate brokerage, Sutton Westcoast Realty, which had started with 100 licensed realtors in 1993 and grew under Vic’s leadership to over 1200 realtors at the time he and his partners sold the company in early 2022 to private equity interests. In the last year, prior to the sale of the business, the company transacted on the sale of over 24,000 properties with an aggregate sales value of $13 Billion.

Vic brings extensive experience leading real estate companies through various market cycles, both highs and lows, including the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and through the Covid-19 global pandemic. He was also a co-founder of Focus Marketing, a leading real estate project marketing company, that provided pre-sale project marketing services to developers and consulting services to facilitate between the needs of government, communities, real estate developers, and city planners.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Vic enjoys international travel with his family, is an enthusiastic golfer, gourmet cook and an avid reader who can often be found at the local public library.


Vic Jang
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