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Connecting People,
Capital and Opportunity

in Pursuit of Purposeful Partnerships

Keith Ippel

CEO & Co-Founder, Spring Activator

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A Promise
is a Promise


From its original roots in a single real estate investment, Promerita Group has transformed into a multidisciplinary advisory and investment group with deep expertise in strategic wealth planning, real estate, private capital investment, and corporate finance.


Our expert team at Promerita guides you through insurance strategies for wealth creation, management, and preservation, tailored to align with your unique financial goals.

With decades of industry experience, knowledge and an extensive network, we search for real estate opportunities that yield attractive risk-adjusted returns, aligning your real estate investments with your financial aspirations.

Through our private capital network, we seamlessly connect capital and deal flow, creating flexible and innovative solutions designed to ensure your capital works hard for you.

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Strategic Partnerships and Investments

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Our Team

Our team at Promerita comprises skilled professionals, each bringing a unique blend of expertise in wealth planning, real estate, and capital investment. Their united commitment drives innovative, client-focused solutions for sustainable growth.

“We have always been satisfied with the quality of advice and consistently high level of service that the Promerita team has provided to our family. In fact, because of our confidence in the Promerita team over the years, we have included their service and advice in our corporate affairs and they continue to provide exemplary work and service.”

Asa Johal
CM, OBC, LL.D and Chairman, Terminal Forest Products Ltd.

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